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The Adventures of the Gummi Bears seasons 1-3: Buy at Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Gummi Bears still on T.V.?
No, they were on the Toon channel, but no more. You can now buy the DVD of The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Seasons 1-3.
Can I send you the lyrics in a different language?
YES! Send me any lyrics that you have and I will put them up! Also, you can send me links to mp3s of the theme and I will post them.
Who wrote the Theme Song?
Words and Music are by Michael & Patty Silversher. Here is The Disney Afternoon Songbook and The Disney Afternoon Soundtrack
Do you have episodes on video tape?
Yes! Disney released The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Seasons 1-3 on DVD.

Disney also released 4 tapes in PAL format, the descriptions follow:
Vol 1. "Welcome to Gummi Glen!" (BV1763)
* A New Beginning
* The Sinister Sculptor
* Zummi Makes It Hot

Vol 2. "A Sky Full Of Gummies!" (BV1764)
* A Gummi In A Gilded Cage
* The Oracle
* When You Wish Upon A Stone

Vol 3. "Creature Feature" (BV3420)
* The Fence Sitter
* Night of the Gargoyle
* Loopy Go Home
* A-Hunting we will go

Vol 4. "Wild Ride" (BV3417)
* Toadie's Wild Ride
* Sweet & Sour Gruffi
* Duel of the Wizards
* What You See Is Me