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Episode Guide 4

Seasons 1-3 on DVD

Chronological List of Gummi Bear Episodes

1. A New Beginning
2. The Sinister Sculptor/ Zummi Makes It Hot
3. Someday my Prints Will Come/ Can I Keep Him?
4. A Gummi In a Gilded Cage
5. The Oracle/ When You Wish upon A Stone
6. A Gummi By Any Other Name
7. Loopie Go Home/ A-Huntig We Will Go
8. The Fence Sitter/ The Night Of The Gargoyle
9. The Secret of the Juice
10. Sweet and Sour Gruffi/ Duel of the Wizards
11. What You See is Me / Toadies Wild Ride
12. Bubble Trouble / A Gummi in a Strange Land
13. Light Makes Right
14. Up, Up and Away
15. For A Sovereigner More/ Faster Than Speeding Tummi
16. Over The River and Through The Trolls/ You Snooze you Lose
17. The Crimson Avenger
18. A Hard Dazed Knight / Do Unto Ogres
19. For Whom The Spell Holds
20. Little Bears Lost/ Guess Whos Gumming To Dinner
21. My Gummi Lies Over The Ocean
22. Too Many Cooks/Just A Tad Smarter
23. If I Were You/ The Eye of the Beholder
24. Presto Gummo / A Tree Grows In Dunwyn
25. Day of Beevilweevil
26. Water Way To Go / Close Encounters for a Gummi Kind
27. Snows Your Old Man/ Boggling the Bears)
28. The Knights of Gummadoon
29. Mirthy Me / Gummi Dearest
30. The Magnificant Seven Gummis
31. Music Hath Charmes/ Dress For Success
32. A Knight To Remember / Gummis just want to have fun
33. Theres No Place like Home / Color me Gummi
34. He Who Laughs Last
35. Tummis Last Stand / The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again
36. Ogre Baby Boom/ The white Knight
37. Good Neighbour Gummi/ Girls Knight Out
38. Top Gum
39. Gummis At Sea
40. Let Sleeping Giants Lie / A Gummi A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
41. The Road To Ursalia
42. Bridge Over The River Gummi/ Life of the Party
43. My Kingdom For A Pie/ The World According To Gusto
44. Ogre For A Day
45. Princess Problems/ A Gummi is a Gummis Best Friend
46. Beg, Borrow and Steal
47. Return To Ursalia
48. Tuxfords Turnaround
49. Thornberry To The Rescue
50. Toadie the Conqueror
51. A Gummis Work is never Done
52. Zummi in Slumberland/ A Recipe For Trouble
53. Patchwork Gummi
54. Queen of the Carpies
55. Rocking Chair Bear
56. Once More the Crimson Avenger
57. Friar Tum / Never Give a Gummi an Even Break
58. True Gritty
59. Trading Faces
60. Tummi Trouble
61. Wings Over Dunwyn
62. May the best Princess Win
63. The Rite Stuff
64. King Igthorn 1+2