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Episode Guide 3

Seasons 1-3 on DVD

by "Lucky" Steven Patrick Calica
Originally Created: June 5, 1990
Revision 2.1.1 June 7, 1992
All rights reserved

Notes and disclaimers:

The episode list consists of four columns: the copyright year of the episode, the unofficial number of the episode, the title, and the date(s) that the episode was shown. The copyright year(s) were copied directly from the credits of the show. The unofficial episode number is a number I have assigned to the episode, usually denoting when it was first shown on the Disney Afternoon. The episode date(s) are from the first season of the Disney Afternoon.

The description file is basically the episode number and a short description of the episode following it.

"Gummi Bears" shows usually consisted of two clips comprising the complete 30-minute show. For reading ease only the first clip is assigned the episode number. To distinguish which description matches which clip, the first clip is assigned the letter "a" and the second is given "b". So a description labeled "31a" refers to the first clip of episode #31. Show dates run from Sept. 10, 1990 to Mar. 8, 1991. This covers 130 "showings" of the Disney Afternoon.

None of the copyright years are official, nor are the titles. Show dates and numbers are based on personal observation and note-taking. The description file is for private, non-commercial use, and entertainment purposes only; they are not supposed to be 100% accurate or consistent with the episodes' plots. Any or all responses to this file will be greatly appreciated.

Year##Title of episode Date(s) Shown
1990 1A Gummi's Work is Never Done 09/10, 11/22, 02/06
1985 2A New Beginning 09/11, 12/03, 03/07
1990 3Friar Tum 09/12, 12/06, 03/08
1988 The White Knight
1988 4Music Hath Charms 09/13, 12/04, 03/06
1987 A Tree Grows in Dunwyn
1988 5He Who Laughs Last 09/14, 12/10
1987 6If I Were You 09/17, 12/07, 03/05
1986 Faster than a Speeding Tummi
1990 7Tuxford's Turnaround 09/18, 12/12
1990 8Toadie the Conqueror 09/19, 12/13
1989 9Ogre for a Day 09/20, 12/11
198610Up, Up and Away 09/21, 12/05, 03/04
198611The Crimson Avenger 09/24, 12/20
199012Zummi in Slumberland 09/25, 12/14
1988 Tummi's Last Stand
199013Patchwork Gummi 09/26, 12/17
198814Gummi's at Sea 09/27, 12/19
198615For Whom the Spell Holds 09/28, 12/18
198516A Gummi by Any Other Name 10/01, 12/27
198717The Knights of Gummadoon 10/02, 12/21
198618A Hard, Dazed Knight 10/03, 12/24
1987 Mirthy Me
198519For a Few Sovereigns More 10/04, 12/26
1985 Over the River and Through the Trolls
198520The Secret of the Juice 10/05, 12/25
198821Gummies Just Want to Have Fun 10/08, 01/03
1987 Eye of the Beholder
198822Dress for Success 10/09, 12/28
1987 Presto Gummo
198923Princess Problems 10/10, 12/31
1987 Boggling the Bears
198724The Magnificent Seven Gummies 10/11, 01/02
198825Color Me Gummi 10/12, 01/01
1987 Gummi Dearest
198626My Gummi Lies Over the Ocean 10/15, 01/10
198827Ogre Baby Boom 10/16, 01/04
1987 Water Way to Go
198828The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again 10/17, 01/07
1988 There's No Place Like Home
198529Bubble Trouble 10/18, 01/09
1987 Close Encounters of the Gummi Kind
199030Thornberry to the Rescue 10/19, 01/08
198531Sweet and Sour Gruffi 10/22, 01/17
1986 Little Bears Lost
198832A Knight to Remember 10/23, 01/11
1987 Snows Your Old Man
198533Zummi Makes It Hot 10/24, 01/14
1989 My Kingdom for a Pie
198534The Oracle 10/25, 01/16
1985 Someday My Prints Will Come
198735Just a Tad Smarter 10/26, 01/15
1987 Too Many Cooks
198636You Snooze, You Lose 10/29, 01/24
1988 Good Neighbor Gummi
198837Never Give a Gummi an Even Break 10/30, 01/18
1985 The Sinister Sculptor
198938A Gummi is a Gummi's Best Friend 10/31, 01/21
1985 When You Wish Upon a Stone
198539What You See is Me 11/01, 01/23
1987 Bridge Over the River Gummi
198840Do Unto Ogres 11/02, 01/22
1985 Loopy, Go Home
199041Once More, the Crimson Avenger 11/05, 01/31
199042Recipe for Trouble 11/06, 01/25
1985 Gummi in a Strange Land
198943A Gummi a Day Keeps the Doctor Away 11/07, 01/28
1985 Duel of the Wizards
198944Life of the Party 11/08, 01/30
1989 The World According to Gusto
198845Girl's Knight Out 11/09, 01/29
1986 Guess Who's Gumming to Dinner
198546Night of the Gargoyle 11/12, 02/07
1985 Can I Keep Him? 11/12, 02/07
198547Toadie's Wild Ride 11/13, 02/01
1985 The Fence Sitter
198748Day of the Beevilweevils 11/14, 02/11
199049Queen of the Carpies 11/15, 02/13
198950Let Sleeping Giants Lie 11/16, 02/12
1985 A-Hunting We Will Go
199051True Gritty 11/19, 02/04
198952The Road to Ursalia 11/20, 02/08
198553Light Makes Right 11/21, 02/15
198554A Gummi in a Gilded Cage 11/23, 02/05
198755Top Gum 11/26, 02/28
199056King Igthorn: Part 1 11/27, 02/25
199057King Igthorn: Part 2 11/28, 02/26
198958Beg, Burrow, and Steal 11/29, 03/01
198959Return to Ursalia 11/30, 02/27
199160Tummi Trouble 02/14
199161Rocking Chair Bear 02/18
199162Trading Faces 02/19
199163May the Best Princess Win 02/20
199164Wings over Dunwyn 02/21
199165The Rite Stuff 02/22
1. What would happen when Gruffi and Grammi decide to switch their jobs for one day?
2. Go back to the first episode where the Gummi Bears and all their human friends and enemies are introduced.
3a. Experience the fun of being a Gummi Bear among human and trollish monks.
3b. If you were a hero who had an evil brother, see how Dunwyn's champion handles the pressure of his family name.
4a. It's neither an accident nor a handicap when Grammi suddenly becomes hard of hearing.
4b. Princess Calla has decided to give her father King Gregor a special present for Monarch's Day.
5. Doubters about the existence of Gummi Bears challenge Sir Gawain, Cavin's grandfather, to prove his stories.
6a. It's Tummi's birthday, but he just doesn't seem to be himself.
6b. In order to clean up Gummi Glen, Tummi gets zapped by a speed spell.
7. Sir Tuxford is an old, fat knight who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
8. A magical suit of invincible armor is the best weapon for taking over Dunwyn, but its size will fit only one new ruler, King Toadie.
9. Duke Igthorn has come up with a plan so secret that Cavin is turned into an ogre in order to spy on him.
10. A flagship airship from Gummerset carries a special passenger who is trying to reach Gummi Glen.
11. There's a new crime-fighter in the forest outside Castle Dunwyn that seems to worry the Gummi Bears and a certain thief in the area.
12a.When Zummi decides to study his spells a little too long, he begins to chant spells in his sleep.
12b.Tummi and Cubbi stumble upon a Gummi knight-training obstacle course hidden behind a waterfall as they flee from ogres.
13. Sunni accidentally finds the Great Quilt of the Ancient Gummies, which just happens to fall into the wrong human's hands.
14. Feeling unable to relate to anyone but Gusto, Tummi accidentally discovers an ancient Gummi sea machine.
15. When Zummi decides to try some advanced magic from the Great Book of Gummi, a mad wizard creates a monster to retrieve it.
16. A depressed Sunni becomes Princess Calla when a magic hat changes her appearance, while the Princess decides to become a peasant.
17. An old Gummi legend about brave Gummi knights comes true as the Gummi city Gummadoon reappears for one day in a hundred years.
18a.Duke Igthorn captures King Gregor in a magic egg, and only Princess Calla and a Gummi "Black Knight" can save Dunwyn.
18b.A tiny Gigglin follows Cubbi home and his practical jokes cause chaos in Gummi Glen.
19a.Duke Igthorn hires the notorious mercenary/bounty hunter Flint Shrubwood to capture a Gummi Bear.
19b.Cavin asks the Bears for help when his grandfather Sir Gawain is riding a coach that is sure of being captured by trolls.
20. Duke Igthorn has built his own Gummi Berry Juice factory that is missing one very important thing: a Gummi Bear.
21a.Lately Grammi has been overworked, until a leprechaun from her past brings back all the fun she's missed.
21b.An ugly witch enchants Dunwyn into believing she's beautiful enough to be queen, and only a loyal Gummi Bear is able to save the kingdom.
22a.The Gummi Bears attend Folly Day in Dunwyn, when everyone is hidden behind masks of many kinds.
22b.When Tummi learns magic, his tricks don't work.
23a.A visiting king's bratty daughter causes problems.
23b.Sunni adopts a changeling who invites his relatives to stay awhile.
24. A traveler from the Orient searches out the Gummi Bears to honor an ancient pact of friendship and help concerning a dragon.
25a.Gusto is feeling down because no Gummi appreciates his work; but when King Gregor requests his work, Cavin has to cover up for him.
25b.A mother griffin mistakes Cubbi for one of her mervin hatchlings, and Gruffi has to save him.
26. Tummi's dream of sailing in a real boat comes true as Gruffi tags along for a ride that leads to a stranded Gummi Bear named Gusto.
27a.A batch of Gummi Berry Juice made bad by baby powder brings ogres back to babes.
27b.When Gusto is inspired by a mermaid, a jealous Sunni causes some mischief.
28a.Cubbi is forced to give up his crimson suit, and when Toadie finds it he becomes Dunwyn's phony hero.
28b.When a bad smell floods Gummi Glen, Sunni leads a group to find a new home.
29a.A baby cliff-dragon mistakes Sunni for his mother.
29b.Humans snoop around when Gusto's invention backfires.
30. Sir Thornberry's visit to Gummi Glen results in so much trouble that no one can trust him anymore.
31a.Accidentally ripping a page from the Great Book, Gruffi gets zapped by a personality spell that goes totally berserk.
31b.A miscast spell causes Zummi and Grammi to shrink to the size of the thief who's been responsible for missing items.
32a.The ghost of a Gummi knight helps Cubbi destroy the Doomsday Clock.
32b.Find out why winter is unusually long in the forests of Dunwyn.
33a.A plumbing problem requires Zummi to lead a party to Drekmore.
33b.Tummi learns self-control when he gets captured by Duke Igthorn.
34a.Trying to stay on a diet, Tummi stumbles upon an ogre's oracle.
34b.An old Gummi machine leads a dragon out of her home.
35a.Toadie's cousin Tadpole comes to Drekmore to usurp control of the ogres away from Duke Igthorn.
35b.Although the taffy chef comes only once a year, three enterprising Gummi Bears decide otherwise.
36a.A failed attempt to create Gummi Berry Juice gives Duke Igthorn a potion that puts everyone in Dunwyn to sleep,except for the Princess.
36b.An incapacitated Gruffi becomes too stubborn to accept help from the others.
37a.A con-man's Gummi mask shows how gullible Grammi is.
37b.A phony sculptor uses magic powder to turn real objects into statues.
38a.Gruffi won't admit that Zummi is his best friend until Gruffi mistakes Gusto's lifelike sculpture of Zummi for the real thing.
38b.Cavin is having problems with knight training, so he and Cubbi explore several solutions against a giant guarding a wishing stone.
39a.Learn why the handicapped don't always need help.
39b.Gusto inspires delusions of grandeur into Gruffi's bridge project.
40a.Toadie is in a jam: is he loyal to Duke Igthorn who just kicked him out or to Sunni Gummi who saved his life from inevitable doom?
40b.When a young wolf cub enters Cubbi's life, he decides to keep it as a pet until a poacher returns to the forest to capture it.
41. Humiliated by the other Gummies and a gang of criminals, Cubbi begins to lose faith in himself as Dunwyn's crime-fighter.
42a.When Sunni brings home Dunwyn delicasies as an alternative to Grammi's usual fare, Grammi discovers new ingredients that lead to trouble.
42b.A slumber sprite living in Drekmore sparks a method competition between Grammi and Gruffi for the influence over Cubbi.
43a.An overly helpful Tummi gets a poor doctor in trouble.
43b.The stubborn wizard Don Gordo won't accept Zummi's help in finding a missing magic key, so a battle of magic ensues.
44a.Duke Igthorn meets Lady Bane for the first time and falls in love.
44b.When rules don't seem to have any effect, Cubbi learns an important lesson of life from Gusto by living with him for one day.
45a.In her own special way, Princess Calla proves her ability to defend herself in the competition of squires.
45b.Sunni extends Gummi traditions too far in trying to impress Calla.
46a.Duke Igthorn's fake gift to King Gregor is a magic gargoyle that comes to life during a full moon.
46b.A bored Cubbi and an unappreciated Sunni team up when a serpent obeys the commands of Cubbi's flute.
47a.Having disappointed Duke Igthorn, Toadie is booted into the hands of the unsuspecting Gummi Bears.
47b.When a mother bird steals most of the Gummi Berry harvest, each bear decides on a plan to stop it.
48. Tummi's ideas to raise a bigger harvest backfire, so he and Gusto travel to South Gumpton.
49. Sunni's wishes to become royalty come true as some carpies mistake her for their queen.
50a.Sunni learns the importance of keeping Gummi traditions when a giant reawakens thanks to her carelessness.
50b.When a wild boar ravages the north part of Dunwyn, King Gregor and Sir Tuxford have to prove their boasts of hunting stories to Cavin.
51. Cubbi learns what revenge really feels like when Gritty teaches him the ropes of living the Barbic way.
52. When Gruffi accidentally burns the Great Book, he and Cubbi lead an expedition to find the fabled Gummi capital of Ursalia.
53. Zummi's ancient story of a signaling machine becomes plain truth when the Gummiscope surfaces.
54. Although Gruffi opposes using the flying machine Zummi discovered, he gets roped into agreement when Sunni is kidnapped by carpies.
55. When Cubbi gets too wrapped up in his dreams about flying, the Aerials invade and capture the other Gummi Bears.
56. Duke Igthorn unleashes his evil plot to take over Castle Dunwyn by using a termite to eat the Gummi Bears out of house and home.
57. The short reign of King Igthorn comes to a close with the help of the other Gummies at Ursalia.
58. Trolls are on the loose again, and this time they've hijacked an ancient Gummi digging machine.
59. The Gummi Bears from Gummi Glen go to Ursalia when Sir Thornberry notifies them of the return of Gummi Bears: Barbic Woods Gummi Bears.
60. Duke Igthorn's desperate use of a love potion results in a deranged love triangle between Tummi, Lady Bane, and Toadie.
61. Lady Bane's secret of youth requires the hair of a young victim, and Sunni just happened to be unfortunately available.
62. It's double trouble as Duke Igthorn plots an evil switcheroo with his twin brother Sir Victor.
63. In an attempt to show up Princess Marie, Princess Calla gets herself and Marie captured, and only her true friend Sunni can rescue them.
64. After Grammi welcomes the giant fan-tailed zephyrs back to Dunwyn, Duke Igthorn captures them to use in an air raid against the castle.
65. On a visit to Ursalia, Cavin has to prove himself to the Barbic Bears in the Test of Bearhood which Buddy doesn't want to participate in.